A Letter To My 16 Year Old Self!

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A Letter To My 16 Year Old Self!

A Letter To My 16 Year Old Self!

Dear 16 year old me,

I am glad you made it! Remember how vague the light felt? How unclear was the dark tunnel? How confused you were on deciding who you wanted to be?

It's amazing how you've grown throughout. The journey continues with a whole lot of surprises and even more weird experiences. I am overwhelmed with all the efforts you have made till date to survive and get stronger day by day.

I am happy that you could reassemble the shattered you. I am also sad for the reason that you lost all your innocence in the process of growing up! But yes! I do agree that you need to hide your soft-self behind the imaginary demons to phantom display the strength at least until you built the real one.

You have seen benevolence and you have seen brutality as well. You have been used and crushed, strangulated and injured emotionally! You have been with people who were totally fake and appeared to be the closest. You have been broken into thousand pieces and pierced yourself with the same sharp edges, yet again unknowingly!

I know you have known how hard the choices are and more than that you have known how difficult and surprising life is!

You created self-awareness enough to cherish your fantasies. You were stupid enough to choose wrong friends and let them in throughout your life, and thanks to all that, I am still dealing with the injuries you allowed to be created. But I am glad you equally were open to changes and hugged the lessons smoothly. You were practical enough to take life as it comes and yet deeply emotional to handle all your loss.

For a 16 year old , you have been much stronger than what I imagined! You have been fearless, you have been smart and most importantly you have developed the courage to stand still and against the wind!

This is amazing! And also I'm glad you took up the career you always wanted. I am happy you stood against all the odds and followed your heart. I'm more happy for the love you feel towards your profession! It's rare but an amazing feeling!

I appreciate the stubborn you. The desire to not give up on things that you really want makes you stand out of the crowd.

Thanks for realising soon that life is a lonely journey and you alone need to trek the mountains, all you create while you climb are the memories and are equally bad as well as good.

I wish you had been nicer to your parents. Specially when teenage kicked in with a lot of hormones flooding. I wish you had controlled those tantrums and realised that all your family cares for you.

You should have realised that outer beauty is a disguised demon, what matters is the beauty within you and the outer appearance is only a treat to other's sight.

I wish you had been equipped to fight the eyes full of lust that stares you down from your chest till your feet. I hope you were stronger emotionally to stand for your freedom.

I wish you had learnt to judge people a bit earlier,many were around for their own motives and thanks to you I am still in pain for all the loss done! I am sad that you realised how it hurts others, a little late. I am very unhappy and sorry for all the people you have hurt being immature till date! I wish you never searched for love among unknown strangers. I wish you had known earlier that the deal is all in loss, for trust is the investment very few can afford!

I am thankful to you that you turned practical the very day you were broken. I am more happy that you realised there's no point in holding on to things that are not going to workout. I am proud you don't fear loss anymore and I am confident you will choose people more wisely later.

But overall I am satisfied with whatever you have done. More than everything else I like the fierce you who stands against all the odds for your own self irrespective of the judgements.

Henceforth I can confidently take over the responsibility of my own self, my soul and my heart all thanks to the maturity you have gifted me!


22 year old me.


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