Practical Point

Practical Point - Be Practical

Practical Point strives to publish genuine news

Finance Engineer

Finance Engineer - Be ready to be a financial expert

Finance Engineer is a platform for common people to understand basics in financial planning. Our aim is to make you financially free so that you can use your time on your hobbies.


_Savi - Dream in colour

It's all about dreaming in colour when life seems black and white 😀

Web development

Web development - Web development

A building of website and deploying on the web. Web development involves building website using scripting languages both at the server end as well as at client side.


InfoCluster - be in cluster, be updated

Get some interesting information about Goa,Travel and Life, Automobile,Technology etc.

Moms kitchen 😊

Moms kitchen 😊 - Tummy happy toh mummy happy 😍

Authentic recipes that are sure to WOW your taste buds.


StarDust - Imagination at work.



CatchyPicks - Official CatchyPicks Channel

This is the official CatchyPicks channel. This is a special channel which will be used to publish exclusive sponsored content. For Displaying Promotional Advertisements you may contact us @ +91 9673173727 /


ScrapBook - It isn't what you write, it's the way you write it!

You got to follow my channel if you want to read something interesting and new! :)

Twist and Toll.

Twist and Toll. - Let's know it better.

High on sarcasm. Trending stuff. Know it better. Not interested?? Let's know it in the way that interests you.

गोवा 24x7

गोवा 24x7 - Stay updated with Goa news

Join us to be updated with the latest news in Goa. Get news from Pernem to Canacona at your finger tips.

Crown Mysteries

Crown Mysteries - Read me once, ready to read me more.

Fast paced fiction blended with scintillating twists of captivating stories that will make readers stay glue till the end.


sk-techwrites - sk-writes..... all about innovation

In sk-tech writers, its all about innovation and passion. I believe writing is all about having passionate of. so here we talk about tech and social stuff, so keep in touch.


motoWorld - Stay Tuned ....

Loading motoWorld.... Stay Tunned...

Rebel Fashionably

Rebel Fashionably - Where every perspective matters

It's a place where I would get to share my views, things I learn first hand and things I want to share with the World. It's because you know what? Perspectives matter...

Gyaan Guru

Gyaan Guru - Knowledge is Worship

From technology to fitness, you will find everything here.

Food for thought

Food for thought - Staying hungry and foolish? No. Rather stay satiated and smart.

Providing food of thought to the hungry soul in you. For man becomes what he eats and eventually thinks!

Funny Memes

Funny Memes - Laugh Laugh and Only Laugh

Hit subscribe button below and laugh forever.


AutoUpdater - Stay tuned for latest updates on automobile and travel stories

This is all about scooters, bikes and cars. And the their travel stories Life is too short make the best out of it..