Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is CatchyPicks?

    CatchyPicks is a public driven information and news platform with monetary benefits to it’s content writers. It’s a personalised Local, National and International news and blog platform for readers and writers.

  2. Why should I register to CatchyPicks?

    Its free. If you have interest in reading or writing the awesome posts then you must sign up. We have huge number of articles for you to go through from the category of your choice. For writers it’s a great platform to showcase their talent and get paid for it.

  3. Who can register to CatchyPicks? How can I register?

    Anybody! There is no age restriction for registration. To register to CatchyPicks you need to fill up all details in the registration page. Visit Register Now for registration. An email verification link will be sent to you. After clicking on email verification link you will have full access to our website.

  4. What should I do after registration upon login for first time?

    If you are a Reader of CatchyPicks, you can choose your reading categories after first login. You can also update this later from “left side panel”. You can now start subscribing to different channels and start reading articles. Here is the link https://www.catchypicks.com/channels to subscribe to different channels.
    If you are a Writer of CatchyPicks, you need to create your channel. This can be done from “left side panel” choose “Create Channel”. One user can have only one channel. You need a name of your channel, tagline, description of the channel and a logo of your channel. After creating a channel, you can start posting new stories. You can edit these stories in manage stories.

  5. Do I need to post only in English language?

    Not at all! CatchyPicks supports multiple languages. You can create your channel and post in any language of your choice. :-)

  6. Can I have multiple Channels on CatchyPicks?

    Single user can have only one channel. You can add posts to multiple categories from same channel. However, if you want to create multiple channels you need to register again using different eMail id.

  7. How can I earn through CatchyPicks and what are the payment policies?

    It’s simple through Ads! We will post Google Ads on the website and between your content. More the visits and clicks on advertisement more will be the money generated for you. Currently 20 percent revenue generated for an article will be shared with the writer for the first 3 months of submission. The revenue report will be made available every month for keeping high business transparency. Visit https://www.catchypicks.com/catchypicks-decoded for more information.

  8. Do I need to sign any agreements to become a member and earn money?

    You will need to accept our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy to become a member.

  9. Do I need to be a professional to submit content here?

    We are looking for views and opinions in general, and you don’t need to be a professional to write for us. You just need to know your stuff and have an interesting point of view to deliver. More details on how to publish posts and make it viral can be found here https://www.catchypicks.com/top-10-tips-to-boost-your-post-and-make-it-viral

  10. Can I rewrite texts from other sources?

    No, your writing should be genuine and original work. Of course you may quote other sources and comment on them, but the main body of your submissions should be original writing. Strictly no copy-paste work from other sources. If you do so, your article may get rejected/blocked.

  11. Should I send only text or should I include pictures as well?

    You can attach related images of good quality to your submissions.

  12. Will my texts be signed with my name?

    No. For now we will display only channel name as many of the members do not want to share their identity.

  13. Should I submit content regularly to CatchyPicks or I can do it whenever I want to?

    You are free to submit content as often or rarely as you like, but more regular submissions will likely improve your writing skill and let us get to recognize your submissions more quickly and of course, doing so will make you get paid more too!

  14. Can I share my personal opinions in my posts?

    Yes sure! If you can make your opinion funny or interesting and you can back it up, don’t hold back. Of course, when submitting a more factual article like a news post you don’t have to insert your personal opinion on it - although you certainly can if you think it’s amusing or compelling.

  15. Do I get any reward if I promote CatchyPicks.com website on my own blog or website?

    We currently do not offer any rewards for promoting CatchyPicks on your own blog or websites.

  16. May I use the texts I submit to CatchyPicks.com on my own website?

    Unless you get an email confirmation from CatchyPicks that your text was rejected or blocked or your account was suspended for CatchyPicks, you may not use submitted content on your own website. However, you are free to link from your website to the website where the text was used.

  17. What will happen if I post abusive content to CatchyPicks?

    Your post and your account will be suspended immediately. Do not try this each and every posts are checked by our Team. Also, there will no funds released if there are any issues with your post. CatchyPicks holds the right to modify, delete, ban, block or suspend your posts and your account with/without prior notice to you.

  18. How can I contact CatchyPicks.com?

    Contact CatchyPicks through our contact us page https://www.catchypicks.com/contact-us. We will try to resolve your query as soon as possible. You can also, write us at info@aryawebstudio.in for any information, suggestion and queries.