How Listening Sad Song Stand You Alone- Some hilarious Fact

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How Listening Sad Song Stand You Alone- Some hilarious Fact

How Listening Sad Song Stand You Alone- Some hilarious Fact

I usually listen to a sad song, but here I am wrong actually not usually I always listen to sad classical and Gazals. As these sad music makes me feel happy and ease, whenever I feel stress I open up my cell phone put on my headphone and start listening to the sad song. 

Sad song assists you to release all your emotion that you may have bottled up inside.

You might think that what is inside in this blog post, so here in this post I am just sharing my personal experiences and if you love listening to the sad song. Here are the things you might relate to.

Before telling you the fact, I suggest you to first put on your favorite song and then start reading further blog post:

When you want to release all your stress that is suppress inside you, start listening to sad songs, as these sad songs can actually be very soothing and great to calm down all your anger that is inside you.

And the people who love you always Criticize, don’t listen to too much song, wearing headphone all the time can cause health issues and blah blah… whatsoever you even don’t listen to them…. At that time you wore headphone, No here I am kidding actually…. You don’t listen to them because you really don’t care, in fact,  as you love to listen to a song and you listen. No matter if it is unhealthy or whatever.

Sometimes, no it always happened, you really fall in love with the song as it matches with your situation, so, in that case, you replay that song thousands of times as you start reflecting and zone out, you go so deep inside the song and you haven’t valued the song in real.

And now here I am telling you the most amusing thing, it happens sometimes Your chum will be the one who shares the same sad music as you.