Now earn by being a traffic sentinel: Best initiative by Goa traffic cell

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Now earn by being a traffic sentinel: Best initiative by Goa traffic cell

Now earn by being a traffic sentinel: Best initiative by Goa traffic cell

The traffic violations that go unnoticed by traffic cell can now be reported by citizens to the traffic cell through a digital medium by using Traffic Sentinels scheme.

The Traffic Sentinels can report the offense through their smartphone with GPS location switched on, through Whatsapp to the Traffic Police on 7875756110, email on or Facebook page of Goa Traffic Police.

During registration you will be prompted with the following message:

"Please read the terms and conditions posted below and reply for your registration.


1) I am willing to provide my name, mobile number and email-id to register myself in the Traffic Sentinel Scheme introduced by Goa Traffic Police.

2) I state that the violation posted on WhatsApp through picture/video is actually witnessed and captured by me and the date, time and place of violation reported by me is correct to my knowledge and it is not fake or edited in any manner.

3) I hereby agree to appear before any Court of law to testify for the violation reported by me, if so required. 

4) I also agree that violation posted by me on this WhatsApp number will not again be posted by me on any other messenger/social sites and I agree to maintain its secrecy.  

5) I agree to obey prevailing traffic rules and regulations. 

6) I agree to receive messages sent to me from time to time by Goa Police. 

7) I agree to abide by the terms and conditions if altered during the course of my enrollment. 

Any major traffic violation by you will debar you from Traffic Sentinel Scheme. Further, violation of terms and conditions will be viewed seriously and your name will not be taken into consideration for any reward. 

If you are agreeing to the terms and condition mentioned above, please reply to this message by typing “I Agree” otherwise “I Disagree”. "

Once accepted you will get the following reply from traffic cell department:

"Dear Sir/ Madam,

Your request to register in the Traffic Sentinel Scheme is accepted by us. You may post any picture/video showing real traffic violation on this WhatsApp number. Please ensure that the picture/video posted by you clearly shows the registration number of the traffic violator and also provide details such as place, date and time of the traffic violation posted by you. Thank you. 

The details of points to be rewarded as-under.


Type of Violation Reward Points 

(Photo or Video)

Driving against the flow of traffic 10

Parking on Footpath/Zebra Crossing 3

Triple Riding 10

Improper Number Plate 3

Without Seat Belt 7

Without Helmet 7

Using vehicle with Tinted Glass 3

(Video Clip Only)

Red Light Jumping 10

Dangerous Driving 10

Using Mobile while Driving 10"

On accumulating 100 points, the user can claim a reward of Rs 1,000. A lucky draw will also be announced, in which one lucky traffic sentinel will be the recipient of a motorcycle.

Over 350 persons have registered within three days and these sentinels are now clicking pictures, videos of traffic violations and reporting to police.

So better be aware of this, follow all traffic rules and if possible participate in campaign.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

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