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There is no wrong. It's just about the perspectives. A and B don't get along. Because A thinks that it is right and just because B has a different way of looking at things, A finds B wrong and likewise. 

Similarly, there is no evil, there is no bad. Kansa, Ravana and all the people I can name whom people thought to be bad and evil, they are not. Ravana thought that whatever he did was completely right, he had faith in his views and found Rama wrong.

We all have read, heard or shared Rama's perspective and we find him right.

If we knew Ravana's outlook we would have found him right too.

Like I said, it's just about the perspectives. 

When two people have a fight and you talk to them individually and they both keep their views in front of you, you might not find any of them wrong. Cause they both were right. They both thought that they were right and they had faith in their thoughts. 

-Dhwani Koladia

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