The Art of Loving Yourself

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The Art of Loving Yourself

The Art of Loving Yourself

I hate myself!

Look at those flat nose, chubby arms, tyres like stomach.

These frizzy hair would never give me a break.

Just decide for yourself once! You can't have it all!!

How many times has looking at a fashion magazine or a fashion blog made you just to go to the mirror and scrutinize your body?

Forget going to the mirror, wouldn't you just list out the things you lack and wish you had just by looking at the picture?

Well, that's the idea of capitalist marketing, where the customer pay to feel less bad about themselves, but only to end up feeling worse. In fact, most of the cosmetic and apparel brand makes money by making sure we stay where we are-- hating yourself!

Well, doesn't every ad on TV, Radio, Print, any medium you name start something like this?

Have acne? Use our product.

Have dull skin? Here's our product to make it bright.

Is your life, dull and boring? Well, wear our clothes. Isn't life just too short to wear boring clothes?

But, hey, what if I am just happy with my comfortable clothes that you call boring?

What if I am just okay with my so-called oily, acne filled face?

Doesn't this society just have an opinion at all?

More like the media we consume?

My marketing counter-parts would argue with me, isn't that all about advertising and marketing? It's to make the consumers to consume, even if they are not even interested in consuming.

My precise argument as above makes me the so-called "creative types" that isn't a fit for the business events. But hey, I am just talking about ethics here.

They're our customers here, potential customers even. Why sell them an idea that they're not good enough? What good will it be to benefit from this?

Apparently, I learnt that Diwali Vlogs and Christmas Vlogs aren't about the celebration spirits. They're more about paid sponsorship to sell more and lead way to more materialism. As if, there isn't enough.