Top 10 tips to boost your post and make it viral

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Top 10 tips to boost your post and make it viral

Top 10 tips to boost your post and make it viral

You can make your post viral by writing genuine, quality content. It should be your own and must not be copied from other sources. You can refer to other sites but should change the content while posting so that search engines can identify your content as unique. 

Here are 10 ways to boost your CatchyPicks posts:


1. Brainstorming

Think and pen down what message you want to convey to your readers. Be precise enough with the content of your article. It is worth noting that posts with infographic or list content are viewed and shared more than others. 

2. Create article structure

Write your post with a clear structure. There must be a clear and relevant title, good introduction of the topic, descriptive body and a conclusion that summarizes your topic. 

3. Use Headings

Headings should be used to improve readability and SEO too. It helps search engines like google to read topics and improve your ranking.

4. Use Paragraphs 

Use only one paragraph for one subject. Make sure you do not make new paragraph just because it looks good. The user should be able to grasp all your idea in one sentence.

5. Use indicator words

You can use words like ‘first of all’, ‘secondly’ and ‘finally’. Also, words like ‘indeed’, ‘surely’ and ‘nevertheless’ give a clear signal to your readers. A conclusion can follow after words like ‘so’, ’for this reason’ or ‘consequently’. Signal words are therefore very important to structure your text.

6. Create links to old articles

If you have any reference to old posts you can use links to those posts for better user experience. It is also used by SEO's so it will be useful for a search engine to crawl your posts. 

7. Optimize article length

You can at least have 300 words in your article. Although Google likes long posts you can stop at around 700-800 words. Try not to repeat article keywords. An article of about 400 words, you can have your search terms 4 to 6 times.

8. Make others read your posts 

Let someone read your post and correct your sentences. If someone suggests you a change make sure it is valid and act upon it. If you want to check your spellings and grammar, use Grammarly. ( 

9. Publish articles regularly

Add articles more frequently so that your subscribers will visit your blogs more frequently. More the views more will be the money generated.

10. Share your article link on social media

Do not forget to share your post link at facebook, linked-in, google+, twitter, and other social media platforms. Use #hashtags. This will help in SEO as well as getting traffic from social media.

Finally, you can also request your readers to subscribe and share your post

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