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I don't understand what's the need to create such a hype about feminine stuff! Why hushed tones when talking about lingerie, sanitary napkins or contraceptives in public??

Whenever you go out to buy a bra/panty, mostly it's a man who is standing on the other side of the counter, selling it. You aren't mortified to tell him your size while buying, then why ashamed to talk about it in public??

When you go to purchase a sanitary napkin/tampon, it's a man who WRAPS it in a BLACK POLYBAG and hands it over to you. Then why embarrassed to talk about periods in front of males??

Why create an unnecessary razzmatazz when going to buy a contraceptive?? Well, when a man goes out to buy it, it's fine. Why fear getting judged by the society then??

Feminism is not only about uplifting women on social grounds, but also giving them the freedom to speak without any kind of embarrassment.

I don't blame the society for it. I blame you. It's you who is embarrassed to talk about your own self. Don't blame others for your lack of confidence.

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